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Update:   For years, we’ve heard scientists sound the alarm on climate. For years, we’ve watched as extreme weather affects more and more of us. And for years, we’ve watched world leaders politely nod their heads – and fail to act.


On October 29, raise your voice by recording and posting a short video stating why we need real climate action NOW with the hashtag #LetsGetReal. We’re building a chorus of voices from all around the world demanding real change – and your followers are much more likely to join us when you speak from the heart about this issue.


An event flyer, including tips for recording and posting your video can be found HERE.


On October 29, post it wherever you hang out – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok – and be sure to use the hashtag #LetsGetReal so we can show strength in numbers and make our voices heard.

We're at an inflection point. COVID-19, the climate crisis, and a global reckoning on racial justice have forced us to rethink normal and created a new world of possibilities.

Now it’s time to ask ourselves one simple question:  What is the future we want?  Our chance to avert the most dramatic temperature increases is rapidly disappearing.  Enough is enough.

Join us for a global day of action to demand that our leaders enact the policies required to shift the course of climate change. The time is now, and only now.


For 24 hours on October 29, 2021, former US Vice President Al Gore and Climate Reality Leader activists around the world will lead a global day of action, demanding the real policy change required to cut fossil fuel emissions and transition to a just clean-energy economy. During this free event, you’ll learn about the challenges we’re facing, the solutions available, why acting now is so important, and how you can help.



This dynamic global conversation is open to all. To learn more, visit  .  In previous years, the focus was on giving a live presentation during the event.  This year, sign up at, get together with some friends, and post your video on social media on October 29! 

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