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Green Fertilizer

Thursday Oct 12th 6:30 PM Chapter Zoom Meeting

Featured Speaker: Michael Reese

Research Lead of Green Ammonia, West Central Research and Outreach Center, University of Minnesota


Nitrogen fertilizer production is primarily produced from fossil gas and is extremely carbon intensive.  Most of our fertilizer comes from the Gulf Coast. Minnesota could use green hydrogen from wind and solar to produce the fertilizer locally. Key research is being conducted at the University of Minnesota Campus in Morris.  The legislature approved $7 million in funding for green fertilizer projects.  It could lead to a new multi-billion dollar industry in our state.

"The U of MN West Central Research and Outreach Center, Morris, has been a forerunner in the development and use for “Green Ammonia” since 2013 when the first-in-the-world renewable hydrogen and ammonia pilot plant was commissioned. The novel pilot plant uses wind power from a 1.65 MW wind turbine to produce up to 25 tons of nitrogen fertilizer (anhydrous ammonia) each year on-site, which is enough to cover approximately 300 acres of cropland. Hydrogen and nitrogen are combined to form anhydrous ammonia – a core nitrogen fertilizer across the Midwest. "

About the Speaker: Michael Reese has been the Renewable Energy Director at the University of Minnesota West Central Research and Outreach Center, Morris since 2001. He has overseen the development of the renewable-energy program at Morris and has participated as Principle Investigator or Project Manager on more than $18 million of research and demonstration projects including wind energy, biomass gasification, renewable hydrogen and ammonia, and solar-energy systems. Reese is leading the renewable-energy program’s new strategy to reduce fossil-energy consumption in agricultural production systems through incorporating renewable and efficient energy technologies. He has addressed numerous national and regional conferences on the topic of renewable energy. Reese assumed the role as Director of Operations August 2022.

Nov. 9th, 2023 6:30pm Zoom Meeting
Topic: Aquifer-Based Geothermal Heat Pumps
Speaker: Robert Ed, Darcy Sustainable Heating and Cooling

Note:  Chapter meeting invitations are sent to all current chapter members a few days before the event.   Membership is free and open to all trained Climate Reality Leaders and the public.  If you join ( less than a week before a meeting or event, please email and ask for an invitation or follow the registration link on this page.

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