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This section links to tools at other websites.  For example:

electricityMap:  This innovative application uses public data to determine the amount of electricity consumed by various regions of the world, factors in where that electricity came from, and then color codes the region to indicate the amount of greenhouse gas emissions per kWh in that region, expressed in grams CO2 equivalent per kWh.  the greener the color, the more climate-friendly the electricity consumption.  Areas with heavy reliance on oil have extremely high emissions.  Regions with substantial solar, wind and/or nuclear have lower carbon intensity.

EN-ROADS - a powerful climate simulator which allows us test various ways to address the climate crisis, and helps us assess which approaches to take.

Global CO2 Levels - and interactive chart which allows us to explore carbon dioxide levels from the past to the present.

Message your U.S. Senators and Representative:  

This link takes you to the website, which simplifies the process of connecting to your members of Congress.    Once you provide your address, it identifies your Senators and Representative, allows you to create your own message, and send it to all 3 at the same time.  As some members of Congress require that you fill out their form, includes dropdown menus to provide that information.


MN Climate Data:  

Your one stop shop for temperature and climate data for the state of Minnesota for past 100+ years. Very searchable, and lets you drill into specific regions, watersheds, etc. Give it a try!

MN Interactive Temp Map:  

To view a current global temperature map: 

  • First, go to . This will display a simple local flat map. 

  • Next, click on the 3D button near the upper right corner of the map. That will display the entire globe. One half of the planet will be dark. 

  • Move about the globe, or click on the 2D button to switch to a 2D map such as shown above.

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