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Decarbonizing Aviation - Synthetic Fuels

Eric Ingersoll, was the featured speaker at our chapter meeting on August 11, 2021.  His talk focused on synthetic fuels.  This is an extract from a Zoom recording of the meeting. The main part of Eric’s presentation starts at 4:57.

Transportation is a major source of carbon emissions.   Some suggest that we travel less and replace fossil fuels with batteries.  Eric makes the case, that while some of us will take this route, most won’t, and emissions, at least for planes and ships would continue to rise.  Instead, he offers a different approach:  develop synthetic fuels.  In a nutshell, one produces hydrogen and then combines it with CO2 to produce a liquid fuel (a hydrocarbon).  While solar and wind could be used to produce the hydrogen, he concludes that nuclear is the most viable. He finishes by detailing a process involving limestone and nuclear energy which would actually remove carbon dioxide from the oceans.


About the speaker:  Eric Ingersoll is a strategic advisor and entrepreneur with deep experience in the commercialization of new energy technologies. He has extensive project and policy experience in renewables, energy storage, oil & gas, and nuclear, with a special emphasis on advanced nuclear technologies. Eric develops commercialization and market entry strategies for advanced energy technologies such as advanced nuclear power generation, carbon capture, and zero-carbon liquid fuels.  Among his many accomplishments, Eric is the co-founder of TerraPraxis and a Managing Director at LucidCatalyst.


To learn more about TerraPraxis, visit:

To learn more about LucidCatalyst, visit:

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