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Your Climate Presentation

This page is filled with great tips, to help you talk about climate change and create or refine your climate presentation, including:

  • The Power of Climate Storytelling

  • Birds, Turbs and Words – How Language Affects How We Think

  • How to Create a Compelling Climate Reality Presentation

  • Truth in Ten - A sample of what your first presentation might look like

The Power of Climate Storytelling


Jothsna Harris, the director of community engagement at “Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy” was our featured speaker at our chapter meeting on 5-12-2021.

All of us are eyewitnesses to climate change. Given the imprint of climate change all around us, it has become increasing clear that … we all have a story to tell.  In this time of disinformation, the truth of our personal stories matter.  Jothsna demonstrated how our stories can serve as a powerful tool to communicate about the reality of climate change and inspire solutions.

To learn more about Climate Generation, and climate stories, visit:

Birds, Turbs and Words – How language affects how we think


This is an excerpt from a Zoom recording of our chapter meeting on May 12, 2021.  In addition to our main speaker, chapter members are invited to give short presentations.  During this clip, chapter member Hobie Stocking shares a presentation on wind turbines, birds, and how language affects how we think.

How to Create a Compelling Climate Reality Presentation


Presented to the Atlanta Chapter by Hobie Stocking

More of Hobie's videos can be found on the Atlanta Chapter's YouTube site:  

Truth in Ten


CMC chapter member Jason Torgerson presented this very first “Truth in Ten” presentation, and a great example of what your first presentation could look like.   Faced with a changing climate, it addresses three questions:   Must we change?  Can we change?  Will we change? 

“Truth in Ten” is a shortened version of former Vice President Al Gore's slideshow, and provides a easy way for those attending The Climate Reality Project's leadership training to get started.

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