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New Reality Hub


Reality Hub,, emphasizes sharing of ideas and events along with added messaging functionality. These changes make it easier to plan events and communicate with membership at large, but as with anything new there is a learning curve to this new capability.

This page is a short intro to navigating the new Reality Hub and the most frequently asked questions regarding the new Reality Hub.

How do I join the new Reality Hub?

If you are an existing chapter member: You should have received an invitation at the end of April to log into the new Reality Hub and perform the initial setup for your account. You simply have to login to the site, enter your e-mail and select a password to use for logging into the site.

If you are not an existing chapter member: Join us! There is a handy "Join" button at the top of this page. There is also an option to join from

Tutorial Links

Community Group Guide: Explore which groups are available for you to join on the platform and start connecting with other dedicated activists. 

Reality Hub video tutorial: A short video highlighting the basics. 

Community conduct guidelines: Please read and adhere to these guidelines when using Reality Hub.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What's happening with the Acts of Leadership?

The Acts of Leadership program is being retired, as active projects are being moved to the Climate Action App.


How do I get to the chapter home page?

Once you log into the site,, hit the "Expand Menu" button on the left-hand side of the display, if not already expanded. If you don't see "Central Minnesota Chapter" in the list, select the "View All" button near the top, and expand to the "United States Branch Group -> Midwest US Regional Group -> Minnesota Coalition -> Central Minnesota Chapter". You can also search on "Central Minnesota Chapter" in the search bar to bring the chapter up quickly.


Once you select the chapter, it should appear in your recent list the next time you return to the Reality Hub site.

What browsers work with the Reality Hub?

Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari for sure. IE probably not.

What's up with all these groups?

There is now a hierarchy of groups, i.e. United States Branch Group -> Midwest US Regional Group -> Minnesota Coalition, any of which you can join. There are also other groups, ranging from book clubs to climate news. The choice is yours.


How do I reduce the number of e-mail notifications that I am getting from Reality Hub?

From the new Reality Hub, select your user image, and then select "Profile Settings". From the page that appears, you can customize which group you want notifications from, and how often you are updated.

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