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Beyond Recycling and Composting

Opportunities and Barriers on the Road to Zero Waste

Sept 15 2022

Kellie Kish provided an overview of the City of Minneapolis residential collection programs and shared why recycling and composting aren’t enough to meet city, county and state waste diversion goals. She shared hopeful insights from a 2020 study asking residents how their behaviors have changed since the start of the pandemic, and discussed some challenges and opportunities to meeting goals, and looked ahead to what’s next for Minneapolis and for the state. 

About the Speaker: Kellie Kish has worked as Recycling Coordinator for the City of Minneapolis for 9 years. Her primary job duties include program development and outreach for the City’s residential waste reduction, reuse, recycling, organics programs. She was involved in the development of the City’s Zero Waste Plan, Green to Go packaging ordinance and Bring Your Own Bag ordinance. Kellie initiated the development of the Minnesota Composting Council, the official state chapter of the US Composting Council, and has served on its board of directors since its development. She’s passionate about waste reduction and educating residents to take steps to reduce their environmental impact.

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