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Cool Soils: The Minneapolis Biochar Initiative


Jan 12 2023

Carbon dioxide levels continue to rise in our atmosphere. The blanket of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases continue to warm the planet and alter our climate. The effect on our planet is dramatic and dangerous, requiring immediate action. Most climate work focuses on reducing emissions to achieve carbon neutrality. We also need to work on draw down, reducing carbon dioxide levels.  The Minneapolis Carbon Sequestration Program uses carbon negative actions to remove and sequester carbon. We do this through biochar, a special type of charcoal made by heating waste biomass in the absence of oxygen. Our program turns wood waste into biochar. The city uses biochar as a valuable soil amendment to turn our infrastructure into carbon sinks.

Q&A starts at the 32:30 mark.

About the Speaker: Jim is a licensed Professional Geologist with 36 years of experience in the environmental field. In addition to his undergraduate degree in Geology, Jim has a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Science in Environmental Policy and Management. He has over 20 years of environmental consulting experience and has been with the Minneapolis Health Department for the past 12 years. Jim spent a year in southern Afghanistan with the Army National Guard as a Hydrologist on an Agri-Business Development Team. It was during this time that he first explored biochar to improve soil health. Jim has continued his biochar with Minneapolis where he is Carbon Sequestration Program Manager.

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