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Groundwater Sourced Heat Pumps

Decarbonizing Buildings

Featured Speaker: Robert Ed

Director of Strategic Marketing

Darcy Sales and Solutions

Nov 9 2023

The Inflation Reduction Act includes several updates to existing policies that improve the project economics for geothermal.  Coupling policy and new technologies will provide a catalyst for geothermal growth over the next decade.  This presentation will outline one new technology from Darcy Solutions, groundwater based geothermal, and why it is a fit for dense urban settings.  It will also outline the improved economics for projects and why that is so crucial to lowering emissions.

About the Speaker: Robert Ed is Darcy Solutions’ Director of Strategic Marketing, responsible for commercialization of the technology and scaling the business.  He was most recently leading strategy and marketing for an industry leading solar photovoltaic organization and has many years of experience in renewable energy and climate tech.  Robert is very passionate about solving the climate crisis and improving the economy simultaneously by deploying existing technology.  He joined Darcy to focus specifically on the challenge of decarbonizing buildings.  His educational background includes an BS in business and communications and an MBA from the University of Minnesota.  

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