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The Fight to Stop Line 3

This is a Zoom recording of our chapter meeting on April 14, 2021. Our featured speaker was Joe Meinholz, the Pipeline Resistance Coordinator at Minnesota Interfaith Power and Light.  Joe’s presentation, “Hopeful resistance for a livable future: An update from the fight to Stop the Line 3 tar sands pipeline”, focused on 3 areas:

  • What is Line 3

  • Why Climate Justice?

  • Taking Action Together


The presentation was followed by discussion and Q&A

To learn more about Minnesota Interfaith Power and Light, visit:

To learn more about the Stop Line 3 movement, visit:

Short Talk: The Ethical Transportation of Oil and Gas

Graham Stock, a chapter member with a Petroleum Engineering Degree, delivered a short talk on the “Ethical Transportation of Oil and Gas”. Graham opposes Line 3 and strongly supports moving off of fossil fuels as fast as possible, but argues that, for logistical reasons, it will take decades to accomplish, and that we shouldn’t be against replacing all pipelines. He also described ways to reduce the risk of accidents and spills.

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