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Minnesota Climate Innovation Finance Authority

Featured Speaker: Peter Klein

Executive Director

Minnesota Climate Innovation Finance Authority (MnCIFA)

May 9 2024

The Minnesota Climate Finance Authority (MnCIFA) was established “To accelerate the deployment of clean energy projects, greenhouse gas emissions reductions projects and other qualified projects through the strategic deployment of public funds in the form of grants, loans, credit enhancements and other financing mechanisms…” In this presentation, Peter Klein, executive directive of MnCIFA goes over the goals and functions of the organization.

About the Speaker: Peter Klein is currently the interim executive director of MnCIFA. Previously, Peter was Vice-president of the Saint Paul Port Authority, which issued over $1 billion in bonds to finance projects for the expansion of private businesses, not-for-profits and public infrastructure during his time at the Port Authority. These projects have created over 25,000 jobs, redeveloped hundreds of acres of polluted properties, and generated over $44 million a year in real estate taxes. Pete created and administers three state-wide energy-financing programs and manages a large District Energy system. (LinkedIn)

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