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Impacts of Transportation   

Aviation, Electric Vehicles and More

July 14, 2021

Featured Speaker:   Brad Schallert

(WWF's Director of Carbon Market Governance and Aviation)


Plus a short talk on environmental issues related to electric vehicles by CMC member, Brick Fevold.

Brad leads WWF’s efforts to ensure that carbon markets operate as an effective tool to address the climate crisis. This includes analyzing and advising companies on carbon credit purchases and communications as well as advocating for the integrity of carbon market accounting for rules that would underpin the international carbon market as envisioned by Article 6 of the Paris Agreement.

Background:  As the Covid-19 pandemic spread in March 2020, the airline sector saw their most precipitous and significant activity drop in history. While this was good short-term for climate emissions, it didn’t mean that the challenge to transform the hardest to decarbonize sector got any easier. Against the backdrop of airplanes returning to the skies in ever greater numbers as we come out of the pandemic, the presentation looks at ways to reduce our individual aviation climate footprint, projected emissions trends for the sector, and potential aviation climate policies on the horizon to ensure the airline sector does its part towards achieving a safe climate future.

To learn more about the World Wildlife Fund, visit: 

Brad's presentation was followed by CMC member Brick Fevold's short talk:  The Electric Vehicle Green Dilemma (Its DIRTY lithium-based battery industry), and discussion.

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