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Actions We Can Take

25% by '25 update (2023)

25% by '25 Climate Action Plan Update (2023)

Jan 12 2023

Q&A starts at 12:40 In this update, CMC member Mary Britton gives us an update on the progress of the 25% by '25 climate action plan, which aims to reduce natural gas use by 25% by the end of 2025. Mary includes both the statistical progress, as well as issues that could block progress.

This is a follow-up to the "Developing a Neighborhood Climate Action Plan" presentation, which is included below.

heat pump basics

Air Source Heat Pump Basics

Sept 15 2022

Have you heard about heat pumps, but always wanted to learn what they are and how they can help save the planet? CMC Outreach co-chair Isaac Evans gives us an overview of air source heat pumps, from terminology, types of pumps and common installation scenarios.

Isaac Evans is the co-chair of the Outreach team for the Central MN Chapter.

Home Heating Analysis

Home Heating Analysis

Apr 14 2022

So, it's time to replace that old furnace of yours. But how do you know how big a furnace you need? The manufacturers will be happy to sell you the biggest model you can afford, but Bill Middlecamp of our leadership team presents a way to quantitatively analyze your annual home heating and cooling needs so that you get only the equipment you need, instead of what the sales person would be happy to sell you.

Click the video to view Bill's presentation, and powerpoint slides below, to learn more about his methods.

Q&A begins around the 18m mark.

Click the icon to download Bill's powerpoint of the presentation.

Bill Middlecamp is a member of the Presentation Leadership Team and Central MN Chapter of the Climate Reality Project.

Home Natural Gas Reduction

Home Natural Gas Reduction

Mar 10 2022

If you have been looking for ways to directly reduce your own carbon footprint using simple techniques that won't break your budget, then this is the presentation for you.


Central MN Chapter Member Mary Britton gave a short talk on Mar 10 2022 about the changes she has made to reduce the natural gas use of her house by approximately 40%. Mary highlights in detail the specific changes she has made, and the resulting reduction in natural gas use over the past several years.

There is a short Q&A section that begins around 9:00.

Mary Britton is a member of the Central MN Chapter of the Climate Reality Project, and the committee chair for the Prospect Park Environment and Sustainability Committee.

Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable Methods in the World of Fashion

Feb 10 2022

Chapter Member and trained Climate Reality Leader Wendi Russo gave a presentation to our chapter membership on emerging sustainable fashion trends emerging in the marketplace.


In the presentation below, Wendi gives us an overview of the industry terms and trends, as well as the climate impact of current industry practices, and provides the motivation to embrace new methods that embrace recycling and reuse of existing garments. The presentation then moves to highlight some key examples from around the metro area where sustainable fashion is embraced and used as a solid business model.

Wendi Russo is a member of the Central MN Chapter of The Climate Reality Project, and was trained as a Climate Reality Leader in 2021.

Neighborhood Climate Action Plan

Developing a Neighborhood Climate Action Plan

During this talk, chapter member Mary Britton introduced us to Prospect Park’s Climate Action Plan, which was developed under her leadership.  We learned about the plan, how it came be, and how it can serve as a model for other neighborhoods.  

Carbon Footprint Reduction

How 2 of Our Members Reduced Their Carbon Footprint by 75%

See how two of our members transitioned to a smaller, energy efficient solar home with 2 EVS, induction cooking, electric yard tools. Their carbon footprint was reduced 75%.

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