Community Solar

In this presentation Timothy DenHerder-Thomas, co-founder of Cooperative Energy Futures, gives a high-level overview of the community solar project environment in Minnesota, including:

  • Solar deployment volume over the past several years

  • Examples of solar projects in the metro area

  • Stakeholders involved in solar deployment startup

  • Regulatory hurdles and government processes

Q&A starts at the 23:00 mark.

About the speaker:  Timothy DenHerder-Thomas is the co-founder and General Manager of Cooperative Energy Futures (CEF), an energy efficiency and community-owned clean energy cooperative serving members across Minnesota since 2009. Timothy has also helped build local control over energy decision-making in Minneapolis through the Minneapolis Clean Energy Partnership as a member of the partnership's Energy Vision Advisory Committee and supports energy democracy national through the People's Solar Energy Fund.


From the Cooperative Energy Futures website:

"CEF envisions a future where teams of people in every community are working to produce, manage, and wisely use the energy that they need to thrive. We do that by equipping members to build socially-just climate solutions through projects that ensure community ownership, enable participation by households of all incomes, and create pathways into the solar workforce for local community members"

See: for additional details.