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Chapter Leadership
Position Descriptions for 2024

Our chapter’s leadership team consists of up to 3 co-chairs, and the members that serve on the following committees:  

  • Operations, communication and membership (e.g.: schedule meetings, host Zoom sessions, reserve rooms and equipment, manage our mailing list and communications (e.g.: email, newsletter, website, social media), welcome new members, engage existing members, and reach out to new prospects)

  • Presentations (find and schedule top notch featured speakers and short talk speakers for chapter meetings and events – subject to approval by the full leadership team)

  • Outreach to other organizations and the public. (Manage, grow and promote our tabling and/or speaking activities, develop educational materials, co-sponsor events).

  • Special chapter initiatives   (To be added as needed, throughout the year.  These are volunteer positions, of varying length, approved by the leadership team, and not elected.)


For further details, click here to view a .pdf containing the full descriptions.

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