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A diverse group of passionate individuals who’ve come together to solve the greatest challenge of our time - Climate Change.

We are Minnesota activists, cultural leaders, organizers, scientists and storytellers committed to building a sustainable future together.


Upcoming Events

Climate Poverty Connections

Thursday Oct 13th 6:30-7:30pm - Zoom Meeting
Featured Speaker: Carissa Patrone Maikuri
Program Coordinator with Drawdown Lift

Carissa Patrone Maikuri will discuss findings from Project Drawdown's new landmark report, "Climate–Poverty Connections: Opportunities for synergistic solutions at the intersection of planetary and human well-being". Carissa will share concrete evidence of how climate solutions can also contribute to meeting human well-being needs and alleviating poverty in rural communities in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia and how policymakers and decisionmakers can take action.

About the Speaker: Carissa Patrone Maikuri is a passionate connector and Program Coordinator with Drawdown Lift...

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Wed Oct 5


Leadership Zoom Meeting

Committee Breakouts

Wed Oct 7


24 Hours of Reality

24 hours of hope, solutions and encouragement for climate action!

Thu Oct 13


Membership Zoom Meeting

Speaker: Carissa Patrone

Drawdown Lift

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Wed Nov 2


Leadership Zoom Meeting

Committee Breakouts

Thu Nov 10


Membership Zoom Meeting

Speaker: Lee E. Frelich

Topic: Recycling in Mpls

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Oct 7 Webinar: Producer Responsibility for Plastic

Oct 1 2022

Register here to join the discussion on plastic pollution:"How Extended Producer Responsibility Can Help End Plastic Pollution (If We Get It Right)".


Plastic waste is at crisis levels, in Minnesota and world-wide, and good EPR legislation has the potential to reduce excess packaging, make it more recyclable, and make packaging safer. Plastic packaging is damaging our environment, impacting our health, and low-income and communities of color are impacted the most from pollution during production and disposal of plastic. Continue reading...

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Recent Events

Beyond Recycling and Composting

Sept 15 2022


Kellie Kish provided an overview of the City of Minneapolis residential collection programs and shared why recycling and composting aren’t enough to meet city, county and state waste diversion goals.

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What's Happening with the Climate?

Aug 11 2022

Abraham photo 2 - cropped.tif

Dr. John Abraham, a climate researcher from the University of St. Thomas provided an update on what is happening to our climate, how fast it is changing and what can be done about it.

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A Green New Deal for Minneapolis

Jul 14 2022


Kristel Porter discussed building a grassroots campaign focusing on Climate Change and using it to influence policymakers across the entire city, to move local environmental policy - fast!

Kristel Porter is the Executive Director of MN Renewable Now

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Decarbonization Updates

Jun 9 2022

hamilton_formal_small (1).jpg

In early 2022, Minnesota Power proposed a 15-year plan that includes building a new fossil gas plant by 2027. Fresh Energy and our partners in the Clean Energy Organizations have filed evidence that a new gas plant is unnecessary for reliability and increases climate and financial risk.

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24 Hours of Reality

Sept 17 2022

Tune in all day on Friday, October 7 to: 

and on social media to see stories of hope and climate solutions from all over the world, and to draw inspiration on how to make a difference in your community. 


Climate Image Archive

Sept 17 2022

We've been working on a new Climate Image Archive to use in presentations and other materials, and the archive is now live! The images are free to use and distribute with any climate presentation.

We have created two separate collections of high quality climate photos at Unsplash and Pixabay.


"Your best and wisest refuge from all troubles is in your science."

"Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less."

"Research is what I'm doing when I don't know what I'm doing"

"The scientist is motivated primarily by curiosity and a desire for truth"


Planetary Dashboard


Global Temps

This number is the increase over 1900-2000 average surface temperatures.

As more of the infrared radiation (heat) is trapped by the atmosphere, surface temperatures have also increased.

+.98° C


Arctic Sea Ice

This value represents the total ice coverage minimum during the summer in the arctic. As the atmosphere warms, ice melts faster in the summer. Additionally, less ice coverage increases the dark areas of the arctic, which further increased the absorption of sunlight and leads to further warming of the arctic waters.

4.72 million sq km


2021 summer minimum sea ice levels


Mountain Glaciers

This graph charts the decline of mountain glacier mass over the past 30 years. Melting glaciers are the primary driver of sea rise, along with the expansion of warming ocean water.


Ocean Heat

Warming waters cause sea level rise, glacial melt and coral bleaching. Much of the heat trapped since the beginning of the industrial revolution has gone into the ocean.



Sea Level

This chart shows the steady increase of sea level since the 1800's. Driven by melting glaciers and the expansion of warmer water, this rise leads to coastal flooding and saltwater intrusion, which damages homes and crops, and threatens hundreds of millions around the world who live in these threatened coastal areas.



418 PPM

This is the current concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. A principal cause of global warming since the beginning of the industrial revolution, this reduces the ability of the Earth to radiate generated heat into space, trapping more of the heat and leading to increased surface and ocean temperatures.


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